Week in a post.

February 11, 2008

okay, so I’m shamefully behind on my posting, so here it goes. All TV shows, all week, one post. 

Prison Break: As much as I love the show, and overall thought the episode was descent, I can’t hide my disappointment that still, no escape. I was really ready for this week to be the week. If they are not out by the end of next week, I’m going to be very upset. I love the character Mahone is turning into. I want to see what happens next!

Biggest Loser: wow. Mark is an ass. Thats really all I have to say. I would never, EVER, swear on my child’s life, regardless of what the situation was. I most certainly wouldn’t do it if I had any thoughts of going back on my word. I’m really just disgusted with him. He is making me really dislike the blue team. Which is sad because I love bob (despite his actions this season….), I love dan, and I’m a fan of the grey team. I really have no idea who to cheer for…. I was really happy to see Brittany and Bernie have a great week though! but wtf?! Bernie has a girlfriend?? how is he ever going to fall for Brittany then?? And how sad was the yellow team during the videos from home? that was really sad…. Wonder want happens next episode that cause bob to walk out of a weigh in?? we shall see……

Survivor: mm… kind of a slow start. probably because I was excited to already have some characters to like with the “favorites” only to find out they kind of picked some duds. And i’m sorry, but Johnny Fair Play? Come on! He knew he couldn’t live up to the last time he was on the show, so he threw in the towel. I was not impressed. Hopefully the rest of the season picks up some.

LOST: Amazing! This episode picked up right where the last one stopped. It was great! Season 4 is already so much better than season 3 in my book. I love the new people. I want to know more about them… like why was there a darma polar bear where ever the chick was digging?? what does it mean?? and how is the ghost talker related to everything? and the first guy? what was his deal? Why do they want Ben?? Speaking of Ben, I’m loving how sarcastic his character is becoming! “Carl…. if you are going to sleep with my daughter I insist you call me ben!” haha, loved it. And Locke is seeing a tall Walt?? what?? I’m very excited for the next episode!

Writer’s strike is almost over!!!! I’m so excited!!


18-1. Sucks to be you!!

February 4, 2008

I am SO FREAKIN’ PUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew my boys could do it!! Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Hands down, the best play of the game.

Better call the boat. Tell them she’s getting a really BIG bundle of firewood.

February 2, 2008

LOST is back!! Overall, this episode got a thumbs up from me. 100% better than last season’s premiere. I was worried because the finale sucked, but J.J. pulled through! it was great!

Ben: Love him! he was hilarious this episode. Plus, he can be SO creepy! I loved when he told Rousseau to take care of “his” daughter (and then got the crap beaten out of him :)) it showed how much he really cares for her. if he isn’t careful though, all his sarcastic comments might get him bumped out of the top spot for creepiest Lost character. that guy that visited Hurley was pretty darn creepy!!

Hurley: Even though I love Hurley, i must say I was upset to see the flash forward wasn’t Jack’s. every season has started with Jack’s flashback. At least Jack was present I guess…. How sad was it to see him tell clarie about charlie!? I still don’t want to believe Charlie is dead! uh…… so sad…… Charlie does look pretty darn good dead though! haha, gotta love him.

Jack: come on buddy! do you not know kate at all? of course she is going to go do what she wants! and how do you honestly not feel someone take a phone the size of canada out of your back pocket?? plus, you suck at basketball. i don’t really know how I feel about him pulling the trigger. i think he feels like he can’t seem to do anything right, like he just keeps missing by a few inches and he had had enough. still though, kinda awkward when you shoot an unloaded gun at someone’s face! awwww-kward! very glad to see him in a suit though! hot stuff!

Sawyer: by far my favorite sawyer moment was him talking to hurley about charlie. no stupid nicknames, no jokes, just him truly caring about hurley. loved it. okay I take that back, my favorite sawyer moment was when kate asked him what he was doing and with a pirate accent he replied, “surviving” ahaha! sawyer is a pirate now!

Christian Shephard in Jacob’s Cabin! what the hell!! that was the best part of the show! why is jack’s dad chilling with Jacob? or is he jacob? so many questions!

Why is Naomi’s sister mentioned?? do we know her??

Who are the other “Oceanic Six”?? Kate, Jack, and Hurley for sure, but who else? I bet Claire is one of them. Maybe Locke for the other? I know everyone thinks it is Locke’s funeral that Jack went to in the future, but Locke so desperately doesn’t want to leave the island…… hmm….

What can Hurley do to help the people still on the island? why didn’t they go back to get them right away and why couldn’t everyone leave right away?

What does Jack want to make sure Hurley doesn’t tell??

What makes Hurley regret going with Locke?

stupid Lost hurts my head!! I love it!! until next week….. (way too long to wait….)

why did I only lose 2 pounds?

January 24, 2008

oh bob, such a funny trainer! this week was all about gameplay (and rather bad gameplay at that….). Bob, however, didn’t want to hear it. I loved his “do what you have to do, but at least tell me!” speech. he’s rather amusing.

i’m not sure which team was dumber this week: the orange team or the yellow team. this week overall was just dumb. One team against all the other teams? and then if that team loses a higher percent than the average of everyone else they get to hand pick who goes home. otherwise they go home. how was any of this week fair? it wasn’t, it was just dumb.

so the orange team decides to get their whole alliance to throw the weigh in, to help the yellow team win and be able to vote the black team off. well that worked well because the black team then walked away with the biggest loser team of the week and got immunity. great plan orange! then, if they weren’t already dumb, they don’t have the yellow team vote off grey. honestly! but wait, yellow is just as dumb, because they didn’t even consider grey! straight from paul’s mouth: “there are two male dominate teams here, and we can’t vote for one of them.” hmm…. so then vote for the other? no, i think it would be smart to vote of a female team. STUPID!!!! he said he would only vote between pink, purple, and black because they were the ones that voted against him and kelly. well you big baby, have fun losing! needless to say, i was pissed with this week.

i did, however, find it hilarious how Paul said he missed his girlfriend. umm… paul? did you know you are head over heels in love with your ex-wife? because everyone else knows

We’re not two girls you’re trying to pick up at a bar.

January 24, 2008

I must say, I give this week’s Prison Break a thumbs up! finally some action and suspense (and more importantly, a little love action for Linc :)) 

Lets start with my favorite for the week: Mahone. Way to strap on a pair and do something! I loved how he put Whistler in his place with the “we’re not two girls…” line! loved it! i wonder who sent him a picture of his son… hmm possibly the black lady? who knows. i also loved how he consoled michael after the cave in. it was a new side to him

T-Bag… why exactly does he feel like he can be apart of the escape? something to do with sammy? eh… who cares about sammy, and even though i love T-Bag, he really doesn’t fit the story very well. much like Bellick. boy he was smart this episode! i think i’ll challenge a guy to a death fight without making sure I have any toxic fumes left. thumbs up Bellick. you rock! Glad that Sammy finally bit the big one though. he was getting annoying. i’m sure his gun will play a part later in the season though, probably with Lecharo

As for whistler why is he trying so hard with michael? he knows the whole thing gretchen (or whatever her name is) has going on with linc so obviously michael can’t just ditch him. And boy, he was almost as dumb as Bellick. Thinking the tunnel just “caved” in. Even Mahone figured out what happened. Come on whistler…. also, whats with the Zero Halliburton case?! and why is gretchen emailing people as “gary”?? hmm……..

Sucre wasn’t too smart either this episode. Duh she traced the check!!! at least Susan wasn’t dumb this episode. i was a little worried she might not have known the whole “fight” was a set up, but turns out she did. kudos susan, kudos. although she does have a bomb in her car now though, so maybe she wasn’t that smart…..

Linc is in love!!!!! ahaha, loved that part! not sure if I love Linc with Sophia, but its about time there was some romance back on the show. i miss sara…………….

speaking of sara, is michael really going to have it in him to kill gretchen? he hasn’t really murdered anyone. yeah he has been the reason people died, but he never set out to murder someone in cold blood. i hope he doesn’t do it…. didn’t say the beeotch doesn’t deserve it though! just that i don’t want michael to become that. he is better than that.

sad that the next episode is TWO weeks away……. ugh! oh well though, it should be worth the wait. it is time to BREAK OUT!!!!!!! woohooo! 🙂

a monster with electric boobs

January 19, 2008

so I know this is supposed to be a tv blog, but I just couldn’t resist writing about the two movies i just saw. (which sidenote: finally some new movies! what’s with the dryspell hollywood? come on)  

first up, Cloverfield. really don’t know what to say about this one. I want so much to be able to say “Ohmigod! best movie ever!” but obviously I can’t say that. It was just….. weird, but good weird. First of all, do not see it in the theater if you at all get motion sickness. you will throw up. Trust me. The handheld filming, although cool, was hard to handle at some points in the movie. One thing I think the movie did a good job with was how believable it was (you know, giant monster attacking NYC aside). I didn’t feel like the emotions were over dramatic like in most alien attack movies. It felt like a story that could really happen if in the off chance NYC goes down. I think the only thing I really didn’t like was the running scenes where i nearly puked. Overall, I’d like to see it again (on a smaller screen of course and probably after I took some motion sickness medication). It isn’t like any other movie I’ve seen and because of that, I would recommend seeing it.

On the other side of NYC, we have 27 Dresses. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out if I liked this one, of course I did! I love romantic comedies!

I think I would have to say the winner of this movie is James Marsden, and not because he’s a hunk (although that doesn’t hurt 🙂 ) because he plays the part really well. You look at him, and you can just tell he really loves Jane. makes any girl want to hit Jane up side the head to make her figure it out! plus, he has a really good voice, ie: drunken bar scene

SIDENOTE!! for all you old navy fans out there, if you go watch the movie, check out the random guy singing along with them. he says something like “these guys are great!” or “i love this song!” or something like that. anyway, he is totally sporting the Old Navy men’s graphic tee that says Cougar Bait! find it interesting that 27 dresses liked the shirt enough to put it in the movie, but our store didn’t sell a single one. very interesting….

anyway though, back to the movie. Katherine Heigl does a good job too, and overall the story is very cute. I think Malin Akerman (Tess) is a gorgeous actress so she played her part perfect (LOVED the “better alert traffic control!!” scene). Edward Burns (George)? Really Jane? Umm… I guess…. at least you figured out in the end who was cuter. As for Judy Greer (Casey), I know the critics loved her, but to me she will always be JLo’s assistant in the Wedding Planner. ha! kind of fits for this movie too.

as for the plot, a little too much about the sister and her fiance, and not enough jane/kevin, but one can over look that once they see the bar scene. I’m still sticking to my belief that they blew the “get over here” line, but whatever. very few romantic movies get that part right anyway. it was most certainly no “so I can kiss you anytime I want” but none the less, i loved the moment. overall, if you like romantic comedies, i would most certainly recommend seeing it!

Are you gonna die? Yes! And then you’re gonna feel bad

January 17, 2008

biggest loser time! interesting to see the trainer’s reactions to the Brown Team going home. True that I don’t train them, but I didn’t think the Brown Team was so much stronger than the yellow team (especially after this week’s weigh in) but i guess the trainers did and they viewed this as the official “Game On” moment. It seems like the players (especially orange, black, and blue) are very much talking game play. don’t know how I feel about that…. kinda wish this early on it would be more about getting healthy, but alas, it is a game.

Being the biggest losers last week, the orange team got a “prize”. is it really a prize if you have to hike a huge hill to get it?? they got to pick one of three prizes between Luxury, Family, and Gameplay. well hello, its the orange team so what do you think they picked? Gameplay. Honestly, i don’t think any of the prizes were that great. Gameplay ended up being two votes at elimination (which ended up not mattering), Family was a 24 hour visit from a loved one (which i really think would have messed up their workouts, in turn messing up their weigh in) and Luxury was massages for the week for you and another team. This one could have been helpful for bonding with another team, but I don’t like the idea of massages very much, so i wouldn’t have liked it. i did, however, enjoy seeing the Black team freak out when they heard what the orange team had won 🙂

i was happy to see more of bob this week. very surprised that they are still training as a team after last week’s hORRIBLE weigh in. but i guess they weren’t ready to switch back. this season is just weird like that. it was too weird to have teams with sub-teams. I loved his conversation with the purple and pink team! (minus the cheesy product placement. ugh! biggest loser, you are so obvious with it!) the purple team is growing on me.

poor betty sue…… not! it was great to see her pushed to places she never thought she could go. she did great. i think bob has really figured out how to push people by using their competitive sides. i love her comments about bob. she is such a sass. i also think it was great to see jullian try to get to the bottom of why people where there. i’m glad the pink team was able to talk truthfully

neil….. whine, whine, whine. honestly! you signed up for this! get your damn hands off the treadmill!! i would have kicked his ass if he was the reason i had to keep running sprints! seriously! high five Bob for giving him weighs to hold instead of the treadmill

ahh competition time. first of all, I loved Allison’s zip-up. thought it was really cute. kind of think it was early for this kind of competition. this season is really about gameplay. i was sad to see the grey and pink team link with the black team. not even the black team, its mark! he is such a jerk!! way to freak out at your brother. its called a chill pill dude, take one. not really sure how i liked jackie during the event…. she is kinda getting scary with her game play… we shall see how it continues….

as for the weigh in, i was really happy to see that the grey team didn’t abuse their immunity. they could have really taken advantage of it, but they didn’t. awesome. glad to see the orange team beat the black. REALLY sad to see the yellow team beat the blue team by .01%!!! (“thats the difference of me shaving!” lol) ugh! also sad to see the purple team have so much trouble this week again. what’s up with that? they seem to be working just as hard…. at least they didn’t go home.

as for the white team, glad to see them go. i’m bummed for amanda, but neil sucked! i think amanda was really kicking butt and everyone else thought so too. they sent them home because of neil. that was sad for amanda. but honestly, come on neil, did you care at all? makes me wonder. i hope he proves everyone wrong at the finale show. he looked good in the “where they are now” part. just keep on working it!

so whats going to happen next week?? another team is going home right away? one team (obviously from the previews its looking like yellow) against everyone else? we shall see…….